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December 2009
1. What took you so long getting a Resident Stage Manager?
Well, we kept putting our stage managers onstage, like Robin, Stephanie & Kirk.

2. But it sounds like you want to put Taylor onstage, too?
Good point. But you see, you just haven't seen her video series that took the web by storm. She's clearly meant to perform. So, we'll just have to clone her.

3. And, is it true that she's actually worked for you before?
Yes. She stage managed Leave it to Beverly and also went with the team to NYC for Heron & Crane at FringeNYC. Collectively, these shows involved 833 props, including play-doh "placenta balls","dancing" utensils, several square yards of Astroturf, pumpkins, rakes, fish... And the NYC trip had to travel. On a plane.

4. Was that some type of hazing?
No comment.

5. What do you have in store for her in the future?
We're not at liberty to disclose... but here's a hint: American Sign Language. Rainbow Ribbons. Eternal Flame by the Bangles.

Alrighty then... Welcome to DA!, Taylor!

Taylor joins DA!
She's pretty much the most brilliant stage manager imaginable, so we really had no choice but to invite her to be our OFFICIAL resident stage manager! After her tireless service on Beverly and keeping us sane for the New York run of H&C, we're thrilled to welcome Taylor as one of DA!'s newest Collective members!

Fringe Festival Goddess
Taylor stepped into some impressive shoes this season, taking the reins as the Short Fringe coordinator for FronteraFest 2011. If anyone can tackle such an Olympian task with grace and aplomb, it's Taylor... Everyone should be sure to catch some shows at HPT to see what a smooth operation looks like!

Emerging from Behind the Scenes
Later this Spring, Tay Tay will do DA! the honor of joining our ensemble on stage for a workshop presentation of our latest project under development, Day Boy Night Girl!

Taylor Kulhanek

Taylor Kulhanek graduated from Baylor University with a BFA in Theatre Design in 2009, where she stage managed several productions, including Iphigenia 2.0 and Picasso at the Lapin Agile, costume designed All My Sons, and even performed in Tina Howe's Museum, in which she used her skills as an ASL interpreter. ...read more


superpower can fix any faulty feature in a theatre with a sly smile, a smart strategy, and sometimes a staple gun; omnipresence house lighthouse
action Deep Waters; Jeeves; Zen Storm animals Siberian Tiger
lips "The placenta smells bad. Very bad. :(" objects worn pink satin ballet shoes with ribbons -- strong & beautiful
film strip Chihiro from Spirited Away; He-Man's twin sister She-Ra, the Princess of Power! question mark Taylor exists in a world beyond expectations.
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