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Ongoing: Education
Heron & Crane
an interactive kids' show
adapted from a Russian folk-tale by Kirk German

Heron & Crane is the story of two strong-willed birds who discover that becoming friends requires a little give-and-take... or maybe a lot! This dynamic comedy explores diversity, problem-solving, and ecology through music, dance, and audience interaction. Adapted from a Russian folktale, with a new ending every time!

In August of 2010, DA! Theatre Collective was proud to present Heron & Crane as part of the 14th annual New York International Fringe Festival -- FringeNYC. FringeNYC is the largest festival of its kind in North America and in 2010 included the productions of 200 companies. Heron & Crane had five performances at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre in the West Village of Manhattan. In addition to rave reviews from the many families who attended, the production was recommended by Ellen Gamerman of the Wall Street Journal and Adam Feldman of Time Out: New York!

Download press clippings and recommendations here.

Excerpt: Summer, Heron & Crane

Since 2008, DA! has taken the traveling version of Heron & Crane to a diverse sampling of elementary schools in six different central Texas school districts. Over 10,000 area students have seen the show, half of them for free through our matching program, created specifically to bring arts programming to Title One schools in our region.

Heron & Crane also enjoyed a successful three-week run in the Yard at The VORTEX in April 2009, garnering two B. Iden Payne Nominations for Best Production for Youth and Best Actor, Jude Hickey.

Recommendations from local professionals:

"The show was beautiful!!!! (A.K.A. I loved it!)"

Caroline, A.I.S.D. student, age 10

"If you know a young person -between the age of, say, 3 and 10- who has never yet been to the theatre, then my advice is to quickly take him or her to Heron & Crane at the New York International Fringe Festival... I cannot think of a better way to introduce a child to the magic and energy of theatre than via this delightful show. And of course, kids who already know how cool theatre is are going to get a charge out of it, too."

Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

"DA!'s production of Heron and Crane did the best job of integrating children's theater and child education I've seen in quite some time. Their production has done an excellent job of targeting the interests, captivating the attention, and aptly teaching the developing minds of elementary school-aged youth. DA!'s approach uses color, music, repetition, and pure energy to take children on an educational journey. DA! also uses audience participation techniques specific to the enhancement of retention and comprehension."

Dr. Jonathan Hoyle, licensed child psychologist

"The actors were stimulating and energetic, walking the fine line of comedy and content beautifully. The performances were memorable; the students in my classroom were imitating the actors days after the performance. I think that the production of Heron and Crane should be showcased in all Austin area schools. I think that it is appropriate, educational, and accessible for students between Pre-K and Fifth grade. I highly recommend the interactive production of Heron and Crane and the socially conscious DA!. This is a company that should be supported by our community and our schools."

Kyla Welch-Rubin, educator

Heron & Crane

Want to know more about bringing Heron & Crane to your local elementary school?

Paid productions for as low as $1/student! Donated performances for qualifying campuses! Contact DA!'s Artistic Director to find out more.

Heron and Crane
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