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November 2007
1. What is your code name?
Cat with 9 lives.

2. What is your personal slogan?
“Change is happening.”

3. What is your spirit animal?

4. So is Jude’s! Have you ever been bitten by a spider?
Yes, a brown recluse… twice within 3 months in 2007!

5. Do you have an allegiance to any particular fictional character, cartoon, or celebrity?
Betty Suarez / America Ferrera.

6. What is the first thing you'd buy with a million dollar inheritance from a long-lost relative?
Green building materials and land for a wellness center with some awesome studios.

7. If you could have a super-power, what would it be?
To take away suffering.

8. What were you hoping no one would find out about you?
My guilty pleasure for pumpkin spice lattes from Starsucks.

9. What would be the title of your first book?
What Is Your Own Unique Path?

10. What are some of your favorite quotes?
"May all beings be happy." - S.N. Goenka.
"Dance like no one's watching." - Anonymous.
"Whhaaaa???" - Kirk German in Mrs. Bob Cratchit…

11. What is your power food?
Any kind of cabbage!

12. What is your theme song?
Jeff Buckley's version of Bob Dylan's I Shall Be Released.

13. Finally, are you a ninja, a pirate, or a cowboy?
Saturday, February 23, 2008
In the midst of rehearsing for Just Say DA!: Direct Object, Lisa talks about her relationship with objects over the years…

I've been known to balance certain objects on my head: candles, bottles, glasses of water; I was training to balance twenty pots at one point when I was in the Philippines. You can see me hiking on the Greenbelt with a water bottle on my head.

My backpack has gone to the Philippines with me. A woman in the company I was dancing for called it “ugly” in the Filipino language at one point, as if I didn't understand. That was an awkward moment, because the woman and the other couple of people around realized that I understood what she had said; it was because it wasn't "girly" like the bags the women usually carried around for shows. Filipinos in general thought it was strange that I carried that backpack around. At this point, I've carried it to three countries and about fifteen states. It hasn't seen the stage yet and can't wait for its debut...

February 2008
Lisa answers questions about her former student and current colleague, Michelle Brandt.

What super power does Michelle already have?
She can become any shape.

What is her slogan
“My soul is older than this body.”

What is her codename?
Bendy Beauty

Who do you think she may have been in another life?
Jessica Rabbit.

Of what is Michelle a champion?
She is a champion base partner.

What is her spirit animal?
A python.

If she were an object, what would she be?
A Japanese fan.

What else can you tell us about her?
(cryptically:) She can be known to be a keystone…

To see what Michelle says about Steph, click here.
To see what Jude says about Lisa, click here.

Miss Heron Soars High!
The kiddos and critics just can't get enough of Lisa's charmingly organized Heron in Heron & Crane, DA!'s original children's show based on a Russian folk-tale. Martin Denton of NYTheatre.com described Lisa's FringeNYC performance in August 2010 as "delightfully birdlike as she fishes and 'flies' about the stage." We couldn't agree more! Her consummate professionalism, grace, and comic timing serve the character well, as does her incredible dance expertise. And her original "bird" choreography continues to astound folks, too. Check out DA!'s Education page if you're interested in learning how Heron & Crane can visit your local campus or non-profit!

Two Power-Packed Years
2009 and 2010 held many major landmarks for Lisa. Among other achievements, she was was seen rockin' a residency with Mabou Mines, guest teaching at Radford University, and choreographing for Sheep Army (including Mi Casa!), Califa, d a n a h b e l l a, and, of course, DA!'s Leave it to Beverly (for which she was nominated for two major awards, along with originating the role of Trixie the Pixie!).

Relative Space
We'll never forget that Lisa's original site-specific movement installation was a HUGE hit during its two-week run at Hyde Park Theatre in December 2008. All of DA! was proud and honored to produce and perform a show described by enthusiastic reviewers as a "joyous rumpus in... one of our most beloved spaces" (The Austinist) and a "rapidly unfolding spectacle of... exhilarating discovery" (Austin Live Theatre)... in fact, the show set a new record for ticket sales for an "off-night" production at HPT!


Lisa del Rosario   began her dance studies at the Margo Marshall School of Ballet and the Cleveland San Jose School of Ballet.  She continued her training as a presidential scholarship student at the University of Texas at Austin where she received her B.F.A. in Dance. ...read more


Feldenkrais® ATM class
"In creativity a great role is played by complete body liberation, i.e. setting the body free from muscular overstrain which chains the body and prevents it from being a conductor of our psychic movements." - Stanislavski
Modern Dance Class
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” (Martha Graham)

superpower levitation; healing house smokehouse
action Starlight animals white crane
lips "Breathe through it." objects red summer dress; a marionette
film strip Yoda; Lucy Liu from Charlie's Angels question mark She can be known to go blithely through her day without spilling the full glass of water balancing on her head.
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