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January 2011
Jacob expounds upon DA! ensemble...

How do you make an ensemble? Well...TRICK QUESTION! They just happen. The first day that I began training with this group, I expected to jump into my physical body vigorously! But we didn't; we started with psychic work-- sending commands and energies non-verbally to make our partner move with us seamlessly, with just our thoughts. Some might think that DA! was coming on a little too strong on their first date with Jacob, but the chemistry was perfect. It was one of the most beautiful ways to introduce me to the ensemble-- by re-tuning myself psychically, mentally, spiritually, and, of course, physically.

The ensemble (and it's especially true with this ensemble) is the most important aspect of creating a piece of theatre. There should always be a facilitator to help guide the creative flow-- yet the magic doesn't just come from a single source, but from different minds sending out their own specific beacons of energy. It starts to create a web of thoughts, helping develop new ideas together. No one person should be lumped with the burden of being the creative flame for an entire work-- it's collaborative! In this way, it's unlike many other art forms. It becomes unselfish.

This is one thing the ensemble has taught me: how to make the perfect humble pie.

During the years prior to meeting the whole gang, I had become locked in a collegiate theatre that started to get dry and full of egos (including my own). But it didn't take soul-searching (which I did some of) or long conversations with friends (which I did some more of) to really break this phase... it came from feeling the love and warmth that this Collective resonates in spades. It made me want to have opinions, to have viewpoints, to have some sort of clear thought that I felt confident enough to express to fellow artists! This is something you really don't learn well in school; it takes a company like DA! to get someone inspired enough to move towards true artistic empowerment.

To make true-blue, powerful, creative work, you must rip away the egos, be humble, be spontaneous, and most importantly -- have fun!
January 2011
A Boy and His Scarf

What can an object do? What can't it do? What's our relationship to an object? Does it have a personality? Can it talk? How does it move? How can it affect us?

...These are all questions that I posed when I first started working with my scarf. It felt rather natural when I found myself drawn to my scarf. It had meaning to me already, just from where it came from, and how much I wore it in my daily life-- but then, as I started to work/play/create with him, it started to morph into something even more meaningful in both product and process. Who knew that just moving this multicolored long scarf between my hands could create such an emotional impact for me?

But it wasn't all roses; the piece was the first personal creative performance that I crafted practically by myself (under the watchful eye and guidance of Heather and with some help from the rest of the gang)and it was NERVE-WRACKING! You don't know what it's like to really open up your entire self to an audience until you do it with something you've created. It's a new type of fulfillment that, if done correctly, doesn't feel fabricated and false, but is a living, breathing creation which never stops, and is constantly moving and changing shape.

You never rest when performing your own creation because the wheel keeps spinning...
December 2009
1. What is your code name?

2. What is your personal slogan?
"That's awesome."

3. That IS awesome. What is your spirit animal?
A Penguin!

4. Uh-oh, watch out, Kirky G! More importantly, though are you a ninja, a pirate, or a cowboy?
Space Pirate.

5. Hmm, yet another option... So, do you have an allegiance to any particular fictional character, cartoon, or celebrity?
Charlie Chaplin.

6. If you could have a super-power, what would it be?
To teleport wherever I wanted to go!

7. What were you hoping no one would find out about you?
My love for miniature Alaskan Huskies...

8. Do you double as anything else?
A private eye.

9. What is your theme song?
Look for the Silver Lining, by Chet Baker.

10. What is your power food?
Spaghetti and Meatballs.

11. Mamma Mia! And what's one of your favorite quotes?
To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it is his dedication.
- James Dean.

12. What would be the title of your first book?
Now What?!

Great! Thanks, Jacob! Welcome to DA!

Jacob has taken life by the horns (as they say), performing with a number of prominent companies since his graduation from St. Edward's in May 2010. Last August, he played Young Man (opposite DA! Intern Wallis Currie-Wood) in a staged reading of Sarah Saltwick's Low Hanging Stars at Eponymous Gardens, directed by Shannon Grounds for Shrewds' Summer Nights Series. In September, he performed with Ariel Dance Theatre in Shift, Switch, Go!. And in November, he joined the cast of Baal, directed by Dustin Wills and produced by hometown heroes Paper Chairs. More and more projects appear to be comin' down the pipes, so watch out for this guy!

Y Not?
Yep, that's his familiar friendly face up front! Jacob now spends much of his time at the Townlake YMCA, as part of "Workforce Jude's stellar team"! As JT says, "everything about this job is a pure blessing and a gift, which has made me grow and mature in ways I never imagined"... So be sure to say hello the next time you drop by!

Without Peer
After several nominations over the years, Jacob finally got to make an acceptance speech! His truly epic (and athletic!) performance as the title role in Peer Gynt at St. Ed's (directed by Ev Lunning, Jr. in a new translation by Robert Bly) earned him a B. Iden Payne award for Best Lead Actor in a Drama for the 2009-2010 season! Hats off, Jacob! Ibsen would be most proud!


Jacob Trussell   is a recent graduate of St. Edward's University, where he majored in Theatre with an Acting Emphasis. He has performed in ten productions on the MMNT stage, including Parade, Kneeling Down at Noon (with Physical Plant Theatre), Ring Round the Moon, Cloud 9, On The Town, Pajama Game, Cyrano de Bergerac (with fight master David J. Brimmer), City of Angels, and Peer Gynt (2010 Austin Critics' Table Nomination, and B. Iden Payne Winner for Outstanding Actor in a Drama). ...read more


superpower to jump high and land without a sound; flexibility house treehouse
action ol' big eyes animals chocolate Lab puppy; a little jungle monkey
lips “Grab Bag!!” objects the Heisman trophy; a tongue-in-cheek corncob pipe
film strip Donald O'Connor; Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes question mark Jacob is one-quarter Anime.
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