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DA means “yes” in Russian. Yet DA! is more than a word and more than a company; it is a way of life. Rooted in contemporary Russian acting and movement theory, DA! is a desire to explore our outer limits and our inner core. DA! is more than one person or one idea; it is a collective. Believing in the power of that collective, DA! seeks to carve out spaces and times where artists of all kinds can train, play, discover, create, and produce together. DA! believes that encouraging the individual expression of its members strengthens the evolution of the ensemble; DA! believes that listening to our audiences while simultaneously engaging and challenging them will engender compelling performances and high-quality productions; DA! believes in the power of intention and the value of hard work; DA! believes that Austin, Texas in the 21st century is the best place and time to be doing this hard work.

DA! cultivates the artistic exploration of our members by providing resources for workshops and productions. DA! facilitates the growth of our members, as well as the larger artistic community, by offering ensemble training, master classes with guest artists, and public classes.

DA! further contributes to the community by:
  • producing art (both original and revisited) that is challenging and invigorating
  • serving as innovators and leaders in our field
  • raising the level of education in our artistic community
  • supporting those sectors of the community who are in need by donating a portion of performances to local non-profit organizations and economically less advantaged schools
  • paying local artists a decent wage for their work.
So say “Yes” to the magic of possibilities. Or say “yep,” “yeah,” “sure,” “uh-huh,” “you betcha,” “affirmative,”… however you translate it, just say “DA!”

DA! is proud to be a not-for-profit collective under the sponsorship of Hyde Park Theatre
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DA is a not-for-profit collective under the sponsorship of HPT
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